Rosticceria Perilli

Via Quote 1, Contrada Casabianca, 20, 64035 Castilenti, Italia

Nearly every restaurant in the region will have an arrosticini that people swear by, though Rosticceria Perilli is a place that causes people passions to really come out (just check out the website link to the TripAdvisor with extremely enthusiastic reviews from tourists and locals alike). They offer 3 types of Arrosticini, small skewers made with lamb, lamb and liver and then Grande skewers made with Mutton. They pride themselves of being Farm to Table, rearing the sheep themselves and then dealing with every stage until these delicious skewers land on your plate.

What to order?

There are many fines things on the menu, but there is really only one dish that you should get while you are here:

  1. Arrosticini
    You won’t go far in Abruzzo without finding this delicious lamb skewer on the menu, but few places will offer the variety or quality that you’ll find here. We’d recommend you try all three varieties (or just the small and grande skewers if liver isn’t your thing).

Where to find it

Rosticceria Perilli is on a seemingly residential road in Castilenti.