Ristorante Greenland

Contrada Ruotefino 3, 64035 Castilenti, Italy

Of all the local restaurants Ristorante Greenland is by far the most approachable for newcomers to the area. Unlike the local Trattorias, Ristorante Greenland has an a la carte menu available in Italian, English and German. You pay slightly more for this convenience but the food itself is great and the staff are warm and welcoming. They also have a good selection of german beer!

What to order?

Greenland has a wide range of food on offer, from traditional Italian food to more familiar fare like burgers and chips. All of this can be washed down with a selection of German Beers, Italian Wines or soft drinks. Below are some of the dishes we’d recommend trying, but we have yet to have a meal there that we haven’t enjoyed.

  1. Arrosticini
    Arrosticini is a dish that is close to many peoples hearts here in Abruzzo. It’s a delicious local delicacy which consists of perfectly seasoned lamb that’s skewered and cooked on a grill.
  2. Pizza
    Pizza is the focus of Greenland’s menu, with a wide range of toppings covering pretty much any combination you could want.
  3. Woodfired Potato, Cheese and Meat Dishes
    Greenland also sports a selection of more rustic mountain food centring around meat, potatoes and cheese. There is nothing fancy or refined about these dishes but they are definitely hearty, filling and delicious.

Where to find it

Ristorante Greenland can be found on a quiet road near Controfino, we had trouble finding it the first time so we’d encourage you to have a good look on the map before setting off. See the map below for the exact location.