Pantera Rosa

C/da Piane Di Appignano 1, 64034 Castiglione Messer Raimondo TE, Italy

Pantera Rosa (translated it means “Pink Panther”) is a family run business, serving traditional and delicious Abruzzese food. Like many Trattorias in the area, there is no written menu, they offer a four course meal for a fixed price. This meal includes an antipasto with a collection of local meats and cheeses, a primi course consisting of pasta, a secondi course consisting of grilled meat and a dessert course. What sets Pantera Rosa apart from other restaurants in the area is the wine they offer, they have a cart of specially picked local and international wines to choose from. However, you can also opt for the house wine which is also very nice.

What to order?

This will change dependent on the day and what time of year you go but if you get offered the following options we can vouch for them.

  1. Fettucini with Mushrooms and Truffle Oil
    A simple and unassuming dish that delivers on flavour. Definitely worth a try.
  2. Chitarra Abruzzese
    Chitarra is a type of spaghetti that is an Abruzzese specialty, it’s usually served with a ragu with small meatballs.

Where to find it

Pink Pantera can be found on the road connecting Castaglione to Bisenti. See the map below for the exact location.