On Abruzzo’s southern coast you’ll find Vasto, an ancient medieval town with a charming city centre and stunning ocean vista. Known in its heydey as ‘the Athens of the Abruzzi’, it offers a wide range of cultural and natural delights. The area surrounding Vasto is a protected nature reserve. You can see the wonderful ‘trabocchi’ here, traditional fishing platforms used by fisherman up and down the coast. Because of the thriving fishing industry, you’ll be able to get some truly fantastic seafood during your visit.

What to do

  • Go to the beach – This is one of the main pulls for Vasto’s tourism, crystal blue waters and golden sand beaches make it a pleasant place to lay back and relax
  • Eat some amazing seafood – Being this close to the sea means you can rest assured the fish you’ll eat here will have been freshly caught
  • Walk around the town centre – The history of the town centre and the scenic views make for an enjoyable walk
  • Aqualand del Vasto – If you have kids, the water park in Vasto is one of the best in the area.

How to get there

The journey to Vasto takes about 1 hr 40 mins.