Skiing at Campo Imperatore

Località Campo Imperatore, 67100 Assergi, L’Aquila AQ, Italy

About an hours drive away from Fonte Delle Monache, nestled in the Gran Sasso National Park,  you’ll find Campo Imperatore. Campo Imperatore is a stunning Alpine meadow that sports a great opportunity to ski and snowboard during the winter months. With approximately 14 black runs, 19 red runs, 10 blue runs & 3 green runs at Campo Imperatore and the other linked resorts, there are plenty of slopes no matter what your competency level.


For skiing, you’ll find the prices here very affordable. Here’s a breakdown of the prices you can expect to pay if you decide to make the trip:

  • Ski pass – between €20-30 for a 1-day pass, depending on when you go.
  • Equipment rental – €20 per day
  • Gondola ride from Assergi – between €10-15 depending on when you go. This is optional, it depends on how you decide to get to Campo Imperatore.

It should be noted that the more expensive prices are for weekends and holidays, so going during the week will make the activity cheaper (it will also be less busy).

How to get there

There are two main routes to get to Campo Imperatore:

  1. The easiest route is to take the autostrada to Assergi, where you can catch the Funivia (gondola) up to the ski slopes for a small fee.
  2. It is also possible to drive up through the Gran Sasso National Park o get there though this does take an extra hour and depending on the weather the roads may be closed.

Other notes

If you want to ski for longer than a day, there are fairly substantial discounts available for passes and rentals that span multiple days. There is also a hotel at the summit where you can stay to maximise your skiing time.