Abruzzo is a region with plenty of shopping to be had. Whether you want local artisanal products or are looking for bargains at an outlet mall, there is plenty of options of where you can go. Below is a list of a few of our favourites

Città Sant’Angelo

The Città Sant’Angelo Outlet Village is the quality shopping village just outside Pescara, in Abruzzo. It is also one of the few outlet malls found in Italy. Find out more here

Travel time from Farmhouse: 35 mins


Castelli is a town famous for its ceramics. It is home to the Majolica style of pottery that was hugely popular in Europe from the 16th to 18th centuries. Its defining characteristic is the tin glaze that gives these ceramics a brilliant white, opaque surface to paint on.  The paints themselves are applied as metallic oxides onto the unfired glaze and which absorbs the pigments like a fresco and preserves their intensity. You’ll see a wide range of pottery stores in town selling everything from wine carafes to necklaces, if you are lucky you’ll also be able to see a few of the shop keepers painting their wares.

Travel time from Farmhouse: 50 mins